Sweet Dream’s

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Aren’t dreams the craziest thing? They can seem so real, that you almost can’t tell the difference between whether it happened or not. Sometimes when you’re in the dream, you even say to yourself “Is this real”? These are the best dreams. But then, you are trying to figure what does it all mean. Was it a message or warning from an alternate universe?  

Many people, myself included, believe dreams shed light on our inner feelings. By analyzing your own dreams, you can learn about your deep secrets and hidden feelings. You are the best person to interpret your own dreams since you know your true inner feelings about things. More often than not recognizing symbols in your dreams will help you find the message. Continue reading Dreamin’


The Gift


Whether you call it intuition, sixth sense, gut instinct or insert your own word here; I believe it’s real. I have had visions since I was a child and after exploring it more in my adulthood I have learned to recognize a message when I see one. One thing that has always been a strong messenger for me is my dreams.

Here is a perfect example:

I went to bed at my regular time as usual and fell fast asleep. On this particular night however, I got woken up several times.

  1. My son called to tell me he was on his way home
  2. 2 hours later I jolted awake to find he was not home!
  3. Lay awake for another hour after he got home due to panic
  4. My husband comes to bed at 3:00 am (and wakes me)
  5. My husband’s alarm goes off 2 different times!

Continue reading Intuition

Creepy Houses

Bring A Flash Light!


As a follower of paranormal activities and anomalies I have always been drawn old abandoned structures as a really good source of the scary stuff we sought after. As young adults my friends and I would seek out older houses and abandoned and condemned mental hospitals. Now we didn’t want to enter these buildings and destroy anything, rather we just wanted to experience the energy inside during the dark hours of the night. Technically we were breaking and entering but it was worth it for the experience, and we never got caught so all the better.

So we started out on trying to think of some old dilapidated houses we had seen around the county from just driving around. We just picked one randomly and decided to head out after dark. I think we were about six strong we were feeling pretty brave. On our first trip out of course the car broke down on the way. Figures! But was it a sign? Anyway we called up Vegas Towing Service ( Thanks Guys) to drag us back home. Bummed out to say the least because we all were very excited to complete our first haunted house adventure. Our luck turned for the better when one of my buddies got a hold of his brother and was able to borrow his car for a few hours so we could go on our spooky rendezvous. Awesome! Of we went. Continue reading Creepy Houses

Dan’s House

Freaky Stuff

Back when I was in high school me and my friends did stupid stuff just about everyday.  Always cutting up in class and then going to each others house after school to party and drink. One of my good friends Dan had a mom who was never home so we tended to always go to his house to get fucked up. The reality was his spot was the best and we took advantage of it.

Every once in a while Dan’s parents would leave for the weekend or go on vacation somewhere which left the house open to some pretty insane parties. Once I witnessed Dan down a whole fifth of Jack Daniels in 20 seconds. Needless to say we did not see him for the rest of the night or the next day. I was impressed at that age tho, not so much now that I am older. Anyway one of Dan’s parental vacations were coming up so he planned a decent size party for that friday night. Invited about 25 people and bought tons of booze to make the night a bit more “special”. I believe we had some other party favors as well but lets just say we were reckless youth.

All week at school we kept the party a secret and it was killing us to keep our mouths shut. Finally Friday came and it was party time. Everyone met up at his house at the scheduled time and the fun began. We drank into the night and had a blast to say the least. Now I don’t know when things turned for the worse or why (maybe the party favors) but things got really weird around midnight. When I say weird I mean very very very really really really weirdContinue reading Dan’s House

The Whispers!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word paranormal? It actually has a pretty broad meaning. It means events beyond the scope of scientific understanding. To me, that could mean many things. When most people hear the word paranormal they think of ghosts but this is not always the case. Highly intuitive people are often considered paranormal as well. If you are reading this article chances are you are intrigued by paranormal activity or you would have quit reading by now…..oh good you’re still here so let’s talk about paranormal activity in Las Vegas.

Did you know?

  • Liberace and Elvis were good friends in real life and people who can “see” ghosts have reported they still hang out together from time to time
  • If you want to spot a ghost, Henderson may be your best bet. There have been several claimed sightings in Green Valley Park
  • In Indian Springs, you will swear you see two girls walking when you look in one of your car mirrors, but that’s the only place you’ll see them. When you look where you thought you saw them…poof! Nothing there!

So stepping outside of Las Vegas on this one, I was curious what cities in America have the most reported paranormal activity…oohhhh scary….

  • No surprise New Orleans made the list. New Orleans is famous for it’s “Black Magic” and voodoo. If you are looking to spot one of these Voodoo legends, try booking a room in The French Quarter. Even if you don’t see a ghost I am sure you will see something beyond the realm of explanation #wierdstreetwalkers
  • Galveston, Texas was a town that doesn’t come to my mind when I think of ghosts. But it made the list. Evidently there was a huge hurricane in 1900 that killed over 8,000 souls. I guess this would create quite a breeding ground for the afterlife
  • Savannah, Georgia and Gettysburg Pennsylvania are not too surprising for the list making. There is a B&B worth checking out in Gettysburg called the Lightner Farmhouse. It once severed as a hospital for Civil War soldiers…Yikes
  • Portland, Oregano…hmmm who knew? Not me, but they say there is a series of undground tunnels thick with the departed


I am no Ghost Whisper, but I am a believer! Whether it is Las Vegas, Nevada or the spookiest New Orleans, Louisiana they are everywhere. You just have to be willing to look beyond the normal and into the paranormal so see one. We met the owner of Towing Las Vegas the other day and needless to say we will be writing about some of the stories he had to tell us.